To the light within

Waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel, little did I know, there’s no such thing. The light, is within me. Burning bright!

Why is it that, we depend on others for our happiness? Why can’t we find that happiness within? What is it that’s blocking our vision? Yes, having someone or some reason is good. Who doesn’t like support! But, what if that support fails to support us…. what if the shining beacon of your life fades out of our vicinity…. what will be left then? Darkness. And what’s worse is, that we would be so helpless to seek that light within.

That’s why, it’s better, always better to be our own beacon, be the flood light, lightning the tunnel than waiting for someone else, to be our hope.

Roshni tumse hai

Tum roshni se nahin

Fight the darkness, by glowing in your own light.


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