Tiramisu Pudding Shots

Let’s get started…

Take any chocolate biscuits and crush them well.


Crushed Cookies 1 pack

Milk 1cup

Chocolate 1 regular dairy milk

Cornflour 2tsp

Coffee 1tsp

Heavy Cream (Amul) 2tbsp

Cream Cheese 2 tbsp

Sugar As per taste (I didn’t use)

*If you don’t have Cream Cheese, you can simply add 4tbsp Heavy Cream instead.


• In a wok, pour milk, add instant coffee to it.

• Make a paste of cornflour, by adding 1tsp milk in it. Make sure there are no lumps

• Add Cornflour paste to your milk, once when it starts to boil. Keep stirring it. Avoid lumps. Add sugar.

• Let it cook for 8 mins on Slow Medium Flame. The milk would be thickened (custard consistency)

• Turn off the gas. Add chocolate to your milk. Keep stirring. Chocolate would easily melt as the milk is hot already.

• Bring it to room temperature.

• Add Cream Cheese and Fresh Cream.

• Whip the mixture for 2 mins, till it becomes a little light and fluffy.


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