Cream Cheese

Whole country is under lockdown, leaving us with limited access to goods.
Aren’t you craving for some cheesecake or adding yum cream cheese dressing to your salad or making a creamy sandwich. Well, worry not…
Here’s a simple way, you can make Cream Cheese at home with just a few ingredients.
This is pocket friendly and tastes creamy and rich.
Let’s get started….
Made a Mango Cheesecake with this home made cream cheese. Sharing the link for Mango Cheese Cake
Water : 1/4 cup
White Vinegar : 3 tbsp
Full Cream Milk : 1 lt
Salt : 1/3 tsp
• Add milk to a heavy bottom pan, and bring it to boil. Keep stirring occasionally.
• Let milk rise and turn off the flame.
• Dilute vinegar in water and add it to milk, in three batches. Keep stirring, in order to separate paneer from whey.
• Take a strainer, place a cheese cloth or muslin cloth on it. Strain paneer.
• Do not squeeze paneer. Immediately, rinse paneer with fresh water to remove sour taste and to stop it from further cooking.
• Let paneer strain for 15 minutes.
• Do not throw away whey, it is full of nutrients. You can use it later to knead dough or add it to your vegetable gravy for sabzi.
• In a blender, add paneer, salt and 3 tbsp whey. Blend it well, till paneer becomes creamy.
• Transfer Cream Cheese to an air tight container and allow it to cool before keeping it in refrigerator.
• You can use this Cream Cheese for a week.
• Around 220 gms of Cream Cheese is made from this recipe, if you would buy the same quantity from market, it would cost you 250₹-550₹ approximately.

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