Karachi Halwa

Lockdown Special Recipe

Craving for the jiggly sweetness of Karachi Halwa?
It’s Ramadan time, every year, my father would specially bring Badam Karachi Halwa for me, all the way from Chandni Chowk.
Who makes it better than, China Ram Halwaai..
This year, because of lockdown, we couldn’t have our favourite Karachi Halwa, but,
where there is will, there’s a way..
So I experimented a bit and am totally impressed with the result I have got.
Let’s get on the recipe of
Karachi Halwa

Sugar : 1.5 cup
Water : 3 cup
Custard Powder (vanilla) : 2 cup
Ghee : 1/2 cup
Cardamom Powder : 1 tsp
Nuts : 1/2 cup
Saffron Threads : 5-6
• In a bowl, add Custard Powder, add 1 cup water in it and make a fine slurry.
Make sure there are no lumps.
• Take a pan, add sugar and 2 cups water in it and also add saffron threads.
Heat till sugar melts and water comes to a boil.
• Turn the flame to low.
• Add Custard Slurry to Sugar Syrup. Keep stirring.
• When Custard and Sugar Syrup Mix well, turn the flame to medium heat.
• Keep stirring as custard may stick to the bottom of pan.
You would notice, that the mix is now thickening.
Keep stirring, till it becomes dry.
• Add 2 spoons of ghee in the mix.
Stir it really well. Allow it to cook for 3 minutes.
Then, add 2 spoons of ghee again and cook it in similar method.
You have to repeat this process, till the ghee is consumed. This would ensure, proper cooking.
• Once when ghee is mixed, you would notice, that the mix is becoming transparent.
Keep stirring it well.
• Add chopped nuts and cardamom powder, mix again.
Cook for another 5 minutes, till ghee leaves on sides.
Total Cooking Time would be approximately 1/2 hour.
You have to stir it vigorously. Trust me, all this hard work is totally worth it
• Transfer the Halwa on a greased thali or fudge tray.
• Allow it to cool at room temperature for an hour.
• You can cut it into pieces and can store in an airtight jar.
This Halwa is good for consumption, till 10 days.
Hope you enjoy it!

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