Oatmeal Cake

Healthy and Delicious Oatmeal Cake
I have so much love for this delicious cake!
It’s in a league of it’s own as far as taste–it’s uniquely delicious, and most people haven’t tried it before and go crazy for it!
What makes it special is, it requires no baking.
It’s low on calories and is full of nutritional value.
Let’s get on to the recipe
Cooking Chocolate (Dark) : 170gm
Coconut Milk : 375gm
Oats : 2 1/2 cups
Sugar : 1 tbsp (optional)
Vanilla Essence : 1 tsp
• Crush Oats in a mixer blender for 10 seconds precisely, to coarsely crush them.
• Dry roast crushed oats in a non-stick pan, till they become golden brown.
• Use a spring pan or a ring mould for preparing this cake, as it would be easier to de-mould it later.
Grease the pan and line it with butter paper or parchment paper.
• Chop cooking chocolate in a heat proof bowl.
I used Morde Dark Chocolate in this recipe.
• In a saucepan, bring coconut milk (unsweetened) to simmer on a medium flame.
Add sugar if you want at this step. Sugar is completely optional, as the only sweetness in this cake would be from the chocolate. So it’s totally up to you, if you want to add sugar or consume it as it is.
I added, brown sugar to simmered milk and allowed it to melt.
• Pour simmered coconut milk over chopped chocolate, and let sit for a minute, to melt chocolate.
With help of a whisker, mix milk and chocolate well to make a smooth ganache.
• Add essence to chocolate ganache.
• Finally, add quick oats, you prepared earlier and mix it well.
• Allow the mixture to cool at room temperature for 10 minutes.
• Transfer mixture to your cake tin, and spread it evenly.
• You can garnish the cake with some chopped nuts or cherries.
• Cover the cake tin with an aluminium foil and keep it in refrigerator for 7-8 hours.
• Touch the cake top once chilled, if it doesn’t stick your finger, then it is set to de-mould or else, allow it to cool for another 2-3 hours.
• You can keep this cake in refrigerator for 5 days in an air tight container.
Hope you enjoyed this recipe.

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