Navratri Special – Dhokla

Jai Mata Di
Happy Navratri to all of you.
There are really less food options for those who are fasting during Navratri. Having the same food daily can be boring, so here’s my attempt at curating more variety using the same ingredients. I would try to post a recipe daily for next few days, under Navratri Special.
Let’s get started

For Dhokla

Sama Rice : 200 gm
Sabudana : 50 gm
Curd : 3/4 cup
Water :1/2 cup
Oil : 1 tbsp
Salt : as per taste
Ginger Chilli Paste : 1 tsp
Eno (fruit salt) : 1 packet ( 1.15 tsp)
More water to adjust consistency

For Tadka

Jeera : 1 tsp
Oil : 2 tbsp
Green chillies (cut) : 6-7
Salt : 1 tsp
Sugar : 2 tbsp (as per taste)
Lemon : 1
Water : 1/2 cup

• In a blender, coarsely blend sama rice and sabudana separately, till you get suji like consistency.
• Take a bowl, add curd to above made mixture, add salt to it.
• Using a whisk, mix it adding water and oil.
• Keep this mixture aside for 15 minutes.
• Meanwhile, take a deep kadhai, add water in it and place a heat stand in it. Close it nicely with lid to form steam. Keep it on medium flame.
• Take a edged plate or a cake tin, grease it nicely to pour batter.
• After 15 minutes, add ginger chilli paste to the mix, add water to adjust consistency and add fruit salt.
• Add the batter to cake tin and place on top of heat stand in the kadhai. Make sure it’s stable.
• Close the lid properly.
• Cook for 8 minutes on high flame, and 15 minutes on low medium flame.
• Insert a knife in it and check if it comes out clean. The thing here is, that it won’t be as clean as a regular Dhokla is because of the flour.
• Turn off the flame, take plate and transfer the Dhokla on to it.
• Cut the pieces and pour the Tadka over it.
• Keep it in refrigerator for a while to cool down.

For Tadka
• Take a pan, add oil in it.
• Add jeera to the oil, cook it till it crackles.
• Add chopped chillies and chopped coriander leaves.
• Add water, sugar and salt.
• Bring it to a boil and let it cool for a while till your Dhokla gets ready.

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