alfaaz jo khud ko khud se milaaye

I am sinking. Lost in my own nowhere, finding an escape. Will words help me?
What do you do to find yourself? How do you become your own anchor? How do you take charge of your own life to end miseries and start afresh.
At this moment, I can’t even describe who I am.. seriously, has it ever happened to you, that you become an alien to yourself. There is this battle going inside me, hai sach kya aur jhoot kya, main kaun hoon mera vajood kya…

And in middle of all this chaos, all I have is my parents, my gurus and my words.

Here, I am, writing my first blog, knowing nothing about it, having no clue what my blogs would be about, I am setting a foot on a journey to find myself through my words. living one day at a moment, winning a little battle everyday. Being my own knight in shining armour and rescuing my own self from the fears and depression I am sinking into. For those, who, believe in me, have faith that this is the only way to conquer my demons.

“hum kis gali jaa rahe hai, apna koi thikana nahin..”