Plum Jam

This recipe is really a cross between plum jam and plum preserves. It still has some of it’s preserve-like plum chunks, but it’s nice and thick and spreads beautifully. It’ paired with pancakes, crepes, icecream topping or can be used in cakes.
Plums : 1 pound (450 gms appx.)
Sugar : 1 cup
Lemon : 1
Cinnamon Powder: 1 tsp
• Wash and Chop plums into small cubes.
• Take a heavy bottomed pan, add chopped deseeded plums, sugar and lemon juice to it.
Put the flame on simmer and stir the plum mix.
• Once when, sugar melts and plums start to soften, add cinnamon powder, this is totally optional, but, I personally love cinnamon flavour in this jam.
• Mix it all and cover the pan with lid and allow it to cook for 5 minutes on medium flame.
• After 5 minutes, stir again. And using the potato masher, roughly mash the plums.
• Cover with lid again and allow it to cook for half an hour, till plums thicken to jam consistency. But, keep stirring the mix after every 5-7 minutes or else the mix would get burned.
• Once the jam is ready, allow it to cool at room temperature.
• When the jam has cooled completely, transfer it to a sterilised glass jar with a tight lid.
• Store it in refrigerator. It is good for consumption till 30 days.
Hope you enjoy this recipe.

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