Stuffed Kulcha

A perfect snack.
Light, crispy and yummy.
You can have these kulcha’s with your favourite chana sabzi or you can add stuffing of your choice.
I personally love Paneer Corn Stuffing for kulcha’s.
You can make Minced Soya kulcha or Minced Chicken/Mutton Kulcha.
Say bye! to store brought kulcha’s.
All Purpose Flour (Maida) : 2 cups
Baking Powder : 1 tsp
Baking Soda : 1/2 tsp
Salt : 1 tsp
Sugar (powdered) : 1 tsp
Butter/ Ghee : 1 tbsp
Curd : 3 tbsp
How to Prepare Kulchas
• In a big bowl, add all ingredients and knead a soft dough using lukewarm water.
• Rest the dough for 1 hour at room temperature.
• Knead again, and divide into 6 equal parts.
• Now roll the dough into thick chapati, with a wet hand, stick Kalonji (onion seeds), coriander leaves or Kasturi methi on top of it.
• Take a non stick griddle or tava, put it on low heat.
When it is hot, keep the rolled kulcha on tava.
• Sprinkle water on sides of kulcha, be cautious, do not pour water on kulcha. Cover the kulcha with a lid, to create steam.
• Cook for 1 min and turn the side, repeat the process.
Sprinkle water on sides of kulcha and cover with lid.
• Remove the kulcha from flame, when you notice light brown colour patches on kulcha.
• Keep this half- cooked kulcha aside. Once it cools down, you can cover it in aluminium foil and store for 2 days.
Paneer Corn Stuffing

• Chop onion, capsicum and sauté on medium flame.
• Add American Corn and let it cook for 2 mins
• Add grated Paneer to mix and add seasonings.
• Mix well and turn off the flame.
• Add chopped Coriander leaves and 2 tsp malai/ cream/ mayonnaise to the mix.
• Let the mixture cool down for 10 mins.

Kulcha Preparation

• Cut the kulcha’s in two equal halves.
• Apply butter or ghee on the outer side of kulcha.
• Spread stuffing evenly.
• Now, place the kulcha in Sandwich Maker Grill, and let it cook for 1 min, till the outer crust becomes golden and crisp.
• Serve the kulcha with ketchup or mint chutney.


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