Banoffee Pudding

Banana + Toffee = Banoffee
One of the heavenly combination.
It’s a super easy dessert, all it takes is a little patience and neat layering.
A rich combination of different textures and flavors, banoffee pudding combines a cookie/biscuit or graham cracker crust with silky dulce de leche, bananas, and homemade whipped cream. I normally have impeccable self control around all the desserts I make, but I literally could not put down my fork with this one. Between the soft, crunchy, creamy, gooey, and sweet– there’s no denying banoffee pudding allures. You’ll be hooked.
Let’s get on to the recipe
Digestive Biscuits : 20 pieces
Butter (Salted) : 100gm
Dulce de Leche : 200 gm
Heavy Cream : 50 gm
Whipped Cream : 150 gm
Banana : 3-4
Vanilla Essence : 1tsp
Caramel Sauce : 3 tbsp (optional)

• Crush digestive cookies coarsely.
• Add melted butter in it, to get grainy texture.
• Take a dish, layer buttered cookie crumb to it. With help of a spatula, press it hard, so that you get an even layer.
• Refrigerate it for 15 minutes.


• Microwave Dulce de Leche (toffee) for 30 seconds.
• Add heavy cream to it. I used Amul Cream. This would dilute Dulce de Leche a bit and would enhance its creamy texture.
• Mix it properly, till you get a smooth texture.
• Spread it evenly on the chilled cookie crumb layer.

Dulce de Leche
For those of you, who are wondering where to get it from, you can prepare it at home.
It is caramelised Condensed Milk.
Making it is super simple.
• Take a pressure cooker, put tin of Condensed Milk in it.
• Add water in pressure cooker, fill it with enough water to come up to 2 inches from the top of the can.
• Close the lid of pressure cooker and let it cook on medium flame for 30 minutes.
• After 30 minutes, turn off the flame but do not open the lid of cooker. Allow the steam to further cook condensed milk.
• After 15 minutes, open the cooker and keep can at room temperature to get cooled down.
• Voila! Your Dulce de Leche (toffee) is ready.


• Peal and chop banana’s into even slices.
• Place banana slices, on the layer of Dulce de Leche.
Make sure, you cover the toffee layer evenly with banana slices.
• Now, you can pour some Caramel Sauce over banana layer, this step is completely optional.
• Caramel Sauces adds more flavour to pudding and also prevents bananas from oxidation.


• Take chilled whipping cream in a chilled bowl.
Using a chilled bowl, helps cream to whip faster.
• Whip the cream till you get soft peaks.
• Mash 2 bananas with help of a fork. Try to make it as smooth as you can.
• Add vanilla essence and mashed bananas to whipped cream.
• Evenly spread whipped cream on banana layer.
Let it chill for an hour in refrigerator.
• Using a sieve, generously sprinkle cocoa powder on whipped cream.
• Cover the dish with a lid or with foil paper and allow it to chill for 3-4 hours.
• Serve it with love.


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